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Material Handling Solutions with Multi-Mover UK

Supplier of electric tow tugs and material handling solutions designed to help you with your logistics, productivity, and efficiency. Based in Burton-On-Trent, in Staffordshire, we supply equipment across the UK to both buy and rent.

Multi-Mover UK moving equipment

Multi-Mover UK sell and supply a range of material handling equipment for the commercial, industrial, and healthcare sectors. Our specialist solutions include electric power tugs, electric movers, rail shunters and hand-held moving devices. We have something to suit every manual handling need, and are specialists in finding logistical solutions for moving heavy loads, and manoeuvring up to 150 tons!

We also understand that sometimes you may require a custom moving solution, from tow tugs and tow dollies, through to rail shunters and rail stock movers, Multi-Mover UK can build a custom moving solution for you, so why wait? Call us on 01952 771264 for advice or a demonstration.

Logistical moving solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs

Multi-Mover Electric Tow Tugs

Multi-Mover electric tow tugs and dollies allow you to move trailers, trolleys, and wheeled units over a level surface with an accurate level of precision. With a strong and powerful motor Multi-Mover electric power tugs are able to work on both hard and soft surfaces.

Robik Electric Movers

Made in Italy, Robik electric movers are compact and efficient allowing users to move loads both indoors and outdoors with ease. Robik's range of movers are already in use in the manufacturing, aerospace, engineering, industrial and rail industries.

BEAZ Rail Shunters

BEAZ electric and hybrid railroad shunters have a tractive effort of 500kg through to 10,000kg (Up to 1000T train weight) and are ideal for a range of applications such as train depots, cargo loading and unloading, and rolling stock that is on rails. BEAZ shunters provide an environmentally friendly shunting equipment solution.

The Move-It is handheld device which allows a single operator to safely move rolling stock on rails with a battery powered device. A single Move-It offers any operators the ability to push rolling stock weighing up to 150 Tons.

MOVE-IT Rolling Stock Movers
Multi-Mover Electric Tow Tug
robik Q30
Move-IT Multi-Mover UK
BRC500 shunter

Increase productivity, optimise production flow, and improve safety with Multi-Mover UK

We are here to help you deliver safe, controlled movement, whatever material or load is being handled. Our moving solutions and manual handling machinery can be applied across a range of sectors and our team is on hand to offer information, advice, and support whenever you need it. Not only do we sell the equipment you need, we have solutions available to rent too. Check out some of our resources or get in touch with our team in Burton-On-Trent.

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Providing material handling and moving solutions for a diverse range of customers across the UK

Mult-Mover UK machinery in an industrial setting
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