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RAILWAY SECTOR Robik Q130 Handling train car

Robik electric movers for exceptional lifting force

We believe in offering smart solutions that work when it comes to material handling and movement for heavy loads. Whatever sector or industry you are in, we are here to make light work of it! At Multi-Mover UK, in Burton-on-Trent, our Robik Electric movers lift the load to gain traction and are perfect for movement and application that requires lifting at one end. Contact us now for information.

Robik Electric Movers improve material handling processes with lifting and moving solutions that provide maximum traction and impressive load capacity 

At Multi-Mover UK, we believe in combining modern technology and innovative ideas to make material handling and movement easier, more efficient, and safer for operators, whatever the industry or sector. We offer machinery for sale or rent and tailor what we do to meet your needs.

robik Q30

Our team in Burton-On-Trent can supply a specialist range of electric movers from the Robik Q line, which are compact, strong, and available in a range of different sizes. We supply to many different commercial sectors across the UK and can find you the perfect machinery when it comes to heavy material handling. The Robik line of electric movers are an innovative, cost-effective solution in the material handling sector. They boast a compact design as well as a surprising strength that can lift between 3T and 13T.


Whatever application you need to use it for, and whatever model you choose, you can rest assured that the Robik Electric Mover will lift and move the load vertically, to the ideal position for maximum traction. The load being transported is then positioned on the top, but behind the front drive axle, making it particularly easy to handle. These movers also have an impressive load capacity (reaching up to 60T in towing weight). To find out more, why not get in touch with Multi-Mover UK now? We supply moving equipment across the UK, and you can trust us for service, support, and resources. 

Compact electric movers with exceptional lifting force that will change both productivity, safety and efficiency

Ideal for heavy loads that benefit from being lifted at one end, the Robik Electric Mover, could be the perfect solution for your handling operations. At Multi-Mover UK we specialise in finding solutions and equipment that works, and we supply movers to warehouses, airports and manufacturing facilities across the country. The benefits of selecting the Robik Q line include:

Emergency stop devices as standard for better safety

Compact and robust without losing lifting capacity or strength

Perfect for tight spaces with limited options for manoeuvrability

Radio control to enable production cost reductions

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You can find out more about the Robik Q line of electric movers by getting in touch with Multi-Mover UK on
 01952 771264
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