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MM XL75 Anwendung mover

Resources from Multi-Mover UK, electric tow tug manufacturers

The team at Multi-Mover UK are here to make sure that you have all the resources, instructions, and information you need to ensure successful operations. We are proud electric tow tug manufacturers who also supply BEAZ rail shunters and Robik electric movers. Get in touch to chat to our team in Burton-on-Trent or view the manuals and information below.

Keeping your Multi-Mover UK equipment working the way you need it to

Multi-Mover UK is part of Multi-Mover Europe BV. We are a leading manufacturer and designer of electrical pedestrian power tugs and electrical power dollies. We also manufacture electric hand tractors for other companies as well as customised electric tractors.

Multi-Mover UK equipment


Multi-Mover UK material handling machines are practically maintenance-free. A few items however need to be checked occasionally:

  • Regularly check tyre pressure: a 10% pressure shortage means 30% less power.

  • Treat the lock once a year with a moisture-repellent spray; in case of a very humid environment once a month.

  • Annually clean the axles, if needed lubricate with a brass lubricant.

  • Spray-lubricate the throttle levers annually; monthly in case of very wet weather.

  • If repairs are necessary, please contact us.


When charging any of our machines always ensure you are following the correct procedures:

  • Switch off the equipment by means of the switch or the contact lock.

  • Plug the charger connector into the charger connection.

  • Connect the charger to mains

  • The charger will now load the batteries. On the front of the charger a light will burn, first red, then orange and finally green.

  • The charger stops automatically when the batteries are full.

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Need a manual?

Download the Multi-Mover UK brochure or individual equipment manual now.

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If you have Multi-Mover UK equipment and would like assistance or further information? Call our team in Burton-on-Trent on 
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