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Weight: 200-400kg

Length: 165cm

Width: 70 or 80cm

Height: 103cm


The Multi-Mover XL50 is an electric tow tug which moves everything on wheels up to 5000kg with 2800 Newton tractive force.
The XL series has several types of steering, a variety of hitches to choose from, different tyres and is available in 3 very strong and reliable engines.


You can find out more about the Multi-Mover XL50 by getting in touch with Multi-Mover UK in Burton-On-Trent now.

Multi-Mover XL50

    • Engine power 1500 watts 24 VDC, maintenance-free.
    • 2 x 12-volt 55 Ah batteries, maintenance-free, AGM lead acid.
    • Charger 24 volts 8A, high frequency, external.
    • Push and Pull 5,000 kg, 2,800 Newton horizontal traction.
    • Air tyres with block profile: 15 cm wide 15-inch.
    • Solid-rubber swivel castor, ∅ 200 mm.
    • Ergonomic tiller head with emergency stop, belly button.
    • Potentiometer for adjustable maximum speed to 5 km/h.
    • Tiller head can fold together.
    • Gross axle weight 400 kg.
    • Battery display.
    • IP54.
    • Lock with 2 keys.
    • Emergency stop switch on the housing.
    • Tow bar coupling to 45 cm height, in height adjustable.
    • Pin/ball head to 65 cm height.
    • Coupling plate with M12 thread at for couplings.
    • Work area: 6 to 8 km.
    • 2 years warranty, parts list and manual.
    • CE and Declaration of Conformity.
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