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Arm your operators with the battery-operated MOVE-IT Rolling Stock Mover

Moving stock on rails isn’t just about rail shunters, at Multi-Mover UK, in Burton-on-Trent we have a MOVE-IT tool that allows a single operator to move rolling stock on rails up to 150T. Get in touch with our team or check out the information below to find out more about this easy battery-operated handling device.

Why choosing the Move-IT Rolling Stock Mover is perfect for safety, productivity, and efficiency.

At Multi-Mover UK, we are industry leaders when it comes to manual handling and material moving solutions. Our MOVE-IT Rolling stock mover can provide you with the ability to move up to 150 Tons, without the help of locomotives and heavy devices where specific authorisation and permits would be needed). We offer both purchase and rental options.

The MOVE-IT handheld device allows a single operator to safely move rolling stock on rails using only battery power. A single MOVE-IT machine offers any operators the ability to push rolling stock weighing up to 150 Tons and is an extremely cost-effective option compared to other alternatives. Powered by the latest state-of-the-art lithium battery technologies, the MOVE-IT Rolling Stock Mover is an emission free mover which can help you reduce your carbon footprint (compared to traditional rolling stock movers). To find out more about the MOVE-IT, get in touch with our trusted team in Burton-on-Trent. We supply moving equipment across the UK, and you can trust us for service, support, and resources.

MOVE-IT shunter being used

Experience the benefits of choosing the MOVE-IT battery-operated machine from Multi-Mover UK

Perfect for moving heavy loads over short to medium distances. At Multi-Mover UK we specialise in finding the perfect electric tow tug for your application and consider power, weight, and manoeuvrability. The benefits of our electric towing and pushing equipment includes:

Safety: ON/OFF bi-manual control. Automatic overload switch. Emergency push button. On-board braking support device.

Performance: Traction capacity up to 150T on straight tracks. Workshop and outdoor use. Ideal for mobile and maintenance teams.

Ease Of Use: Precise speed control. Adjustable steering height.

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