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The Move-It is hand held device which allows a single operator to safely move rolling stock on rails with a battery powered device. A single Move-It offers any operators the ability to push rolling stock weighing up to 150 Tons or multiples thereof without the need of locomotives or heavy devices which requires a specific authorisation or a permit and is therefore more cost effective. View our Move-It Brochure - Here.

- Compact design (Length x height x width) :
1550mm x 1000mm x 659mm.

- Minimum compatible wheel : Ø 600 mm.

- “Jockey” wheels adjustable in height.

- Autonomy approximately 500 m to 700 m.

- On-board 24 V Lithium battery supply with a
charge indicator.

- Intelligent charger, charging time approximately 3 hours.

Safety: ON/OFF bi-manual control.Automatic overload switch.Emergency push button.0n-board braking support device.

Performance: Traction capacity up to 150T on straight tracks.Workshop and outdoor use.Ideal for mobile and maintenance teams.

Ease Of Use: Precise speed control.Adjustable steering height.

Powered by the latest state of the art Lithium battery technologies, the Move-It is an emission free mover. Your carbon footprint can be significantly reduced compared to traditional rolling stock movers. To find out more about the MOVE-IT, download the brochure here

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