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MM Jack36 Anwendung Moving Machine

Moving machines for a range of applications across different sectors and industries

At Multi-Mover UK, in Burton-on-Trent, we believe in providing innovative solutions for material handling that can improve efficiency, productivity and safety. We supply moving machines in the UK that can be applied across many different industries and sectors, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and more.

Material handling and movement of heavy loads made easy

It doesn’t matter what industry or sector you are in, when it comes to the safe, controlled movement of materials and heavy loads, the team at Multi-Mover UK are here to help. We are suppliers of electric handling equipment and moving machines, that include electric tow tugs, rail shunters, and electric movers. We make our machinery available for both purchase and rental.

Our equipment can improve your logistics, operations, productivity, efficiency, and safety, so talk to our team about the application you have in mind and how our load bearing and lifting equipment and material movers can help. We supply equipment from top manufacturers including Robik and BEAZ, and we are specialists in finding logistical solutions for moving heavy loads and manoeuvring up to 150 Tons!

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Improving material handling through manufacture, fulfilment, and delivery across a range of industry sectors

  • Aerospace
    Within the aeronautics and aerospace industry, safety, precision and confidence is key when it comes to moving materials, parts and components. Our moving machines are innovative and design-led, and we can even provide guarantees when it comes to the precise movement of extremely heavy loads. We are confident in the equipment we supply, even when it comes to moving and manoeuvring high-value loads.
  • Automotive & Heavy Plant
    Within the automotive and heavy plant industry, moving large pieces of equipment is essential through manufacture and production, right down to shop floor and service. From assembly lines to parts transfer and vehicle removal, the team at Multi-Mover UK, has got you covered. Our electric tow tugs and Rubik electric movers, enable you to get the job done in a highly efficient manner.
  • Energy Supply
    When working in the challenging environments that the energy supply industry can bring, moving large loads and heavy equipment needs to be done safely, as well as efficiently. Our range of moving machines help to reduce the risk of accidents and unlock greater productivity and operational results. We can provide electric movers, rail shunters and tow tugs for companies within oil, gas, wind energy, chemical, and petrochemical production industries.
  • Facilities and Waste Management
    Within the waste management industry material movement is huge and waste bins, containers, and trolleys are all a consideration when it comes to how to move them safely and efficiently. If you are in the facilities and waste management sector, get in touch with the team at Multi-Movers UK to see how our moving equipment can provide you with logistical solutions that help to drive efficiency.
  • Airports and Healthcare
    When it comes to moving large loads through busy areas or congested environments having the right moving equipment is essential for safety, operations, and logistics. Whether you are in an airport, moving luggage and trolleys, or in a healthcare setting where the movement of medication and bedding is a daily requirement, at Multi-Mover UK we have moving machinery and solutions that can be tailored to meet your requirements. Get in touch with our team in Burton-on-Trent to find out more.
  • Food and Beverage
    In food and beverage manufacturing it is essential to success that production flow is logical and seamless, and that efficiency and productivity are managed in a safe way. At Multi-Mover UK, we believe that our electric movers and tow tugs provide a fantastic solution for material handling, whether on the production line or post-manufacture. From dairy production to meat processing and other industries within the food and beverage sector, we have got your material moving covered. Find out more by getting in touch with our team today.
  • Material Manufacturing
    Innovation is the key to success when it comes to the manufacturing sector and industries such as paper production, glass manufacturing, and metal extrusion are always looking for updated solutions for material handling and movement. Gone are the days when forklift trucks could do the job! We provide solutions for moving within warehouses, factories and on rail systems, and our tow tugs, rail shunters, and electric movers are cost effective, safe, and extremely efficient. Find out more by getting in touch.
  • Retail, Logistics, and Warehousing
    When it comes to retail, logistics and warehousing material handling and operational processes tend to be a key focus. Electric tow tug movers help to improve safety and maximise operational efficiency. If you want to cut-down on labour and get a cost-effective solution for deliveries and moving stock, contact the team at Multi-Movers UK in Burton-on-Fleming. We work with those within the retail, logistics and warehousing industry across the UK, and provide innovative solutions that work when it comes to moving heavy loads.
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Robik Movers
Robik Movers
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Whatever industry you are in, ensure your logistics, operations, and material handling is done correctly with our moving machines. Call us on 
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