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Electric tow truck with helicopter

Electric Tow Tugs - Make Light Work Of Heavy Loads

Here at Multi-Mover UK, our electric tow tugs make easy work of moving materials. They are perfect for use in a range of sectors, so get in touch to find out more about how electric tug hire or purchase can aid you today.

We are specialists in the manual handling and moving solutions industry, with a range of electric tow tugs perfect for use across a range of sectors. We offer both electric tug hire and purchase, and we will work with your needs in mind.


Our electric tow tugs enable you to move heavy loads over a flat or slightly sloping surface with ease. Due to the specially designed tyres and drive via a differential, all Multi-Mover UK electric tugs can be used on both hard and soft surfaces.


They have maintenance-free motors, as well as forceful acceleration, excellent brakes and fast switching between forward and reverse. They are also quiet, efficient and easy to charge.


Take a look at some of our model specifications below, and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable team for your next piece of heavy material moving equipment.

Electric Tow Tugs Reduce Injury Risk & Increase Productivity

Electric Tow Tug Mover

Perfect For Warehouses, Airports & Manufacturing Facilities

Perfect for moving heavy loads over short to medium distances. At Multi-Mover UK we specialise in finding the perfect electric tow tug for your application and consider power, weight, and manoeuvrability. The benefits of our electric towing and pushing equipment include:

Sustainable option with zero emissions compared to diesel tugs

Quiet operation with minimal noise from electric motors

Easy to charge with low operating costs

Instant torque for smoother acceleration and deceleration



Service & Support

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Electric Tow Tug from Multi-Mover UK in an industrial setting

If you would like helpful advice about which electric tow tug model would be best suited to your needs and budget talk to the team at Multi-Movers UK on

 01952 771264

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