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Weight 615 kg

Length 120 cm

Width 72 cm

Height 75 / 146

Push and Pull force 6,000 kg


The electric Jack for professionals


The Multi-Mover Jack is a versatile, economical electric tow tractor for towing trailers up to 6000 kg, 3000 kg lift. Ideal for transporting loads even in the tightest spaces. Instead of painstaking manual labour, you can now move trailers faster and easier on your own.

Ergonomic safety tiller head
Handy and clear design
Versatile coupling system for all trailer types
Rotates on the spot
Battery indicator and stepless adjustment instruments

Easy charging.

The batteries can be charged at any mains socket using the charger supplied.

Electric, environmentally friendly, no air polluting exhaust fumes, quiet, clean and easy to use.

Jack 36

    • Motor power 2600 Watt 24VAC, 250A
    • 2 x 12 Volt 100 Ah battery, maintenance-free, AGM
    • Electromagnetic brake and motor brake
    • External high frequency charger 24 Volt 15A, readable
    • 4000 Newton horizontal tractive force with weight
    • Drive wheel ∅ 230mm, width 90 mm, 230-90-180 Black Vulcollan
    • 2 swivel castors with suspension ∅ 100 mm
    • 4 fixed castors ∅ 140 mm (2 x 2)
    • Steering ergonomic tiller head with emergency stop
    • Power steering
    • Potentiometer for continuously adjustable maximum speed up to 5km/h
    • Tiller head is foldable
    • Battery indicator, hour indicator, error indicator
    • Lock with 2 keys
    • Minimum speed is 0,3 km/h
    • Emergency stop switch on the housing
    • Horn
    • Hydraulic pump
    • Lifting position from 148 mm stepless to 348 mm
    • Coupling plate with M12 thread, stroke arm adjustable in height
    • Ball or pin coupling
    • 2 lifting eyes
    • Working range: 6 to 8 Km
    • Operating time: 3-4 working days
    • Supplied complete with 2 batteries (in engine case), external charger and coupler.
    • 2 years warranty, parts list and Manual Jack 36 
    • CE and Declaration of Conformity
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