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Weight 2500-3200kg

Length 195cm

Width 125cm

Height 80/142cm


The Multi-Mover 3XL is a pedestrian operated industrial tow tug towing up to 30T. This versatile, economical tow tractor is ideal for transporting loads even in the most confined spaces. This heavy duty tug has power steering which allows you to move objects on wheels smoothly, safely and quickly.

Multi-Mover 3XL 30T/40T

    • Engine power 10 kW 48VAC, maintenance-free.
    • 8 x 6-volt 240 Ah battery pack, maintenance-free, AGM lead acid.
    • Charger 48 volts 30A, high frequency.
    • Push and Pull 30,000 kg or 15,500 newton horizontal traction.
    • Solid-rubber tyres Continental SC20, 18-inch.
    • Ergonomic tiller head with emergency stop, belly button.
    • Speed reduction system in case excessive cornering speed.
    • Steerable Tiller head with power steering.
    • 2 Potentiometer, of which 1 continuous setting and 2 pre-sets to 5 km/h.
    • Emergency stop switch on the housing.
    • Emergency stop on Tiller head (vertical position).
    • Battery, hour and error display.
    • IP54.
    • Lock with 3 keys.
    • Minimum speed is 0.1 km/h.
    • Coupling thread at various heights for couplings.
    • Automatic Trailer Bolt Coupling Rockinger RO560
    • Operating time: 3-4 workdays.
    • 2 years warranty, parts list and manual.
    • CE and Declaration of Conformity.
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