Multi-Mover UK - Material Handling Solutions

Multi-Mover UK sell and supply a range of material handling solutions for the commercial, industrial and healthcare sectors. 

We also understand that sometimes you may require a custom moving solution, at Multi-Mover UK we can do just that. From tow tugs and tow dollies, through to rail shunters and rail stock movers, Multi-Mover UK can build a custom moving solution. 

Multi-Mover Electric Power Tugs

Multi-Mover electric tow tugs and dollies allow you to move trailers, trolleys and wheeled units over a level surface with an accurate level of precision. With a strong and powerful motor Multi-Mover electric power tugs are able to work on both hard and soft surfaces. 

BEAZ Rail Shunters

BEAZ electric and hybrid rail road shunters have a tractive effort of 500kg through to 10,000kg (Up to 1000T train weight) and are ideal for a range of applications such as train depots, cargo loading and unloading, and rolling stock that is on rails. BEAZ shunters provide an environmentally friendly shunting equipment solution. 


The Move-It is hand held device which allows a single operator to safely move rolling stock on rails with a battery powered device. A single Move-It offers any operators the ability to push rolling stock weighing up to 150 Tons or multiples thereof without the need of locomotives or heavy devices which require specific authorisation or a permit and is therefore more cost effective. 

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