Multi-Mover Videos

Multi-Mover M up to 1800 kg

Multi-Mover M18 Intro
Multi-Mover M18
Multi-Mover M18 - Aircraft

Multi-Mover L 2500 Kg

Multi-Mover L25 rubbish bin
Multi Mover L25
Parking assistant L25

Multi-Mover XL pedestrian power tug

XL75 Zaugg snow plough
Caravan XL50
Towing assistant XL35
Multi-Mover XL35
Multi-Mover XL with electric lift
Multi-Mover XL35 Actuator
Multi-Mover XL50 Alpine

Multi-Mover XXL

Electric Tow Tug XXL speed boats
Pedestrian Tug
Trailer-Mover XXL Knapen
Multi-Mover XXL VDL bus
Multi-Mover XXL 20T moving a yacht
Industrial towing machine
40T Multi Mover
Electrical tug
Multi-Mover UK - Pulling Navy Marine RIB

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