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About Multi-Movers

Multi-Mover Europe BV is a leading manufacturer and designer of electrical pedestrian power tugs and electrical power dollies. We  also manufacture electric hand tractors for other companies as well as customised electric tractors.

The Multi-Mover is a Dutch product and is EC, 12-months German UVV and TÜV certified and has a 1 year guarantee.

Product range

  • Multi-Mover pedestrian electric  tugs, 6 models, up to 100,000 kg or 40,000 Newton
  • Electric hand trucks under private label

All models can be used inside and outside, "on-road" and "off-road". We use a patented differential drive system to have full traction with maximum control on low speed. All our products are low maintenance.

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Multimover U.K.
A Division of:
The Pontoon & Dock Co Ltd
Hangar 2A
Site 2, Harman Warehousing
Silver Hill
High Ercall

Chat with Us: 01952 771264
Mobile: 07930 353241


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